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Environmentally Sustainable Electrical Installations

JJP Electrical contractors take particular interest in how we can help protect the environment –and also reduce clients’ energy bills. If you are looking for a contractor who can help you to cut costs and care for our environment then look no further.

Please see below some of our recent environmentally sustainable projects:

Project 1.

Electrical Car Charge Points – Holborn, Central London

In April 2019 a new low emissions charge came into effect within central London.
This is the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), a daily charge that applies to many cars and vans within the central London area.

The ULEZ and other initiatives are encouraging people to switch to far cleaner electric vehicles.
These electric powered vehicles need to be charged at electrical charge points.

For this particular project we installed a charge pod for an estate agency in Holborn, central London. The charging equipment that we selected is supplied by POD POINT. We have also used other vehicle charging equipment such as ROLEC WALL POD.

We installed this electrical car charge point in the garage and parking area and the client is delighted with the outcome:

  • Slashing fuel costs by half
  • Minimizing ULEZ costs
  • Helping the environment by reducing emissions in a densely populated urban area

Do You Need Vehicle Charging Points?

Are you a company or resident in central London, Essex or Hertfordshire and need vehicle charge points installed? If so call us now and we would be more than happy to help.

Project 2.

LED & Emergency Lighting, St Georges Office, London Bridge

Do you run or own a building that consumes a lot of electricity? Like a church, home or an office space. Many buildings still use fluorescent tubes and halogen bulbs which are costly to run. A solution to this is an LED lamp replacement scheme, which JJP Electrical has vast experience of.

The initial brief for this project was an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). In the course of this survey we found many of the lights, emergency lights and batteries were failing as well as being expensive to run.

We raised this issue with the client and quoted to replace these failed lights and costly fittings.
On approval, we stripped out the old fluorescent tubing and halogen lighting, replacing them with LED lamps or new compete LED fittings (some being emergency fittings).

The building now benefits from vastly improved lighting, at a significantly reduced cost.

Your LED Lamp Installation

If you are interested in our LED lamp replacement scheme we can offer you a free survey. We will show you how we can save you money on your energy bills as well as a costing on replacement of light fittings and lamps.

Project 3.

Home Automation of Heating Control, Hertford

Some of our clients want a simple solution to how they can adjust their heating, or ensure their lights are not left on whilst they are at work. We have the answer.

Working on this job in Hertford we installed a NEST home automation system. The NEST system allows our client to adjust and switch off the heating, lighting. They can even answer the front door bell via their mobile phone, whether they are at home or not.

Finally, they can also control and test their smoke/heat alarms to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Heating & Alarm Control From Your Phone

For this project we changed the smoke alarms, heat alarms, heating thermostats, door bell and some lamps. We then installed the intelligent NEST control equipment, setting up the apps on the clients’ phones – taking time to ensure they understood how to operate the system correctly.

NEST is incredibly easy to use and now our clients are very happy knowing that they are not leaving the heating and lighting on the whole day.

A few months after we completed this job our clients experienced a couple of attempted burglaries. This unsettled them and so we installed a NEST camera system to give them peace of mind. They can now view these cameras on their mobile device whist away from home and they feel far more comfortable knowing their home is safe and secure.

Through the NEST system installation our client can now:

  • Control the home heating system reducing carbon footprint & saving cost
  • Check & control fire and smoke alarms
  • Check security cameras, guarding against intrusion

If you would like to discuss home automation or intelligent heating/lighting control systems please call us now.

Project 4.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting, Olympic Village, Stratford, London

Today’s energy efficiency measures are meant to help the environment and keep running costs down. This is especially the case in energy sapping tower block apartments.

A further problem with tower block apartments is constantly having to change communal lamps. One way to deal with energy inefficiency and constant lamp maintenance is to replace old lighting with LED lighting. That’s exactly what we did on this project by replacing the old fluorescent lighting with LED strip lights.

We used Aurora LED strip lights controlled by a Phillips Dynalite lighting system. The LED lighting is activated by lighting sensors (a practical way to prevent tenants from constantly leaving lighting on). Mini emergency spot lights were installed for visibility, should a power cut occur.

New LED strips were installed on 12th floor of one of the luxury apartments buildings in the Olympic Village in Stratford E20. Not only did we deliver energy efficiency and less maintenance works for our clients, we have also have given them brighter lighting at a lower running cost.

Safe & Environmentally Responsible

Working in a communal area required a lot of planning as well as requiring healthy and safety procedures to not only ensure our workers were safe but also residents of the building. This included working in a clean environment, using correct ladder apparatus and ensuring safe walkways for the public.

Project 5.

Solar Panels, Loughton, Essex

Are you keen to benefit from renewable energy sources and to reduce your energy bill at the same time?

The solution could be solar panels. Not only do you save thousands on your energy bills but you are using a natural source of energy, the sun, to help power your everyday living. Working alongside solar panel installers, JJP Electrical installed the electrical feeds to the solar panels.

We ran an SWA cable into the loft where we installed a mini dedicated CRABTREE fuse board for the solar panels. For this project we ran the cabling externally, as this house has been very recently decorated.

To learn more about solar panels and other sustainable energy sources for your property, please call us for a free consultation.

To see more Electrical Installation Projects, please see Projects page.

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